Raymond Mather Photography

Submissions to galleries and Art prizes have been a fun part of my photographic art practice, the many subjects and themes keep the creativity flowing.
Some recents successes include: Finalist Northern Exposure Six, Glasshouse Regional Gallery 2020, Port Macquarie; Finalist Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Prize Brisbane 2019 & 2018; selected Still Salon – STILL The National Still Life Award, Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery 2017 & 2019; Finalist Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne 2019 & 2020; Finalist Northern Exposure 5, Glasshouse Regional Gallery, Port Macquarie; Finalist Percival Photographic Portrait Prize 2018, Townsville; selected for Exhibition Murwillumbah Arts Trail 2019 | MAT19 May 16-19; selected New Year: New Work 2019 at the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery

2020 Northern Exposure Six | The Glasshouse Regional Gallery Port Macquarie | Finalist

Coastal Palms by Raymond Mather

Artist Statement

Coastal Palms

Palms were one of the earliest types of flowering plants (angiosperms). They have occupied parts of Australia for at least 55 million years, if not longer. Although sometimes referred to as trees they’re actually monocots. This means they’re more closely related to the grass family than to tree families.

Palm trees have held significance in many historical cultures, because of their importance as food, palms were symbols for such ideas as victory, peace, and fertility and for inhabitants of cooler climates today, palms symbolise the tropics and vacations.

I have noticed in my travels around Australia that the palm trees appear in all manner of environments, from city suburbs to rural remote regions and particularly around the coastal fringe of the continent. 

Early morning and sunrise walks are a regular part of my photographic art practice, this Pop Art inspired image titled Coastal Palms emerged from one of my photowalks around the NSW coastal town of Sawtell.

The image represents the ongoing development of my photographic art practice and the process has revealed the importance of play and experimentation in an unfolding creative life journey.

2020 Fifty Squared | Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne | Finalist

Yarraville Still Life by Raymond Mather

2019 Still Salon | STILL The National Still Life Award

Artist Statement

Procreation and Death

In the cicadas cry
No sign can foretell
How soon it must die
– Matsumoto Basho (1644-1694) 

There are 800 to 1000 species of Cicada in Australia. The iconic roaring, pulsing, throb of the cicadas is heard throughout Australia each summer. The sound of the male, makes it the loudest insect in the world, at up to 120 decibels, as loud as a chainsaw or an AC/DC concert. 

This reveals the urgency of procreation and the imminent death in a life cycle of up to seven years, most of which is spent underground. Cicadas will have 4 to 6 weeks to mate before they die, the males die soon after mating and the females die after laying the eggs. 

2019 Murwillumbah Arts Trail-MAT19 | The Daily Drive Exhibition

Artist Statement

The Daily Drive

Raymond Mather Photography

A collection of small works from an expansive world.

The daily drive to town for early morning coffee is an ever evolving experience, with the valley expressing itself through expansive views and ever shifting forms.

Now I see it now you don’t is my art practice abstracting reality shifting the familiar into new imaged contexts.

Photographic Transfer on Canvas Board

Sizes: 204mmx204mm / 254mmx203mm / 203mmx254mm

Formats: Square, Landscape (Horizontal), Portrait (Vertical)

Price: $85.00 each

Exhibition & Art Sales 

Location 132 Main Street

(Arcade it’s Keith Coffee Booze and really really good things)

Proudly Supported by AA Physiotherapy & MAT19

2019 Coffs Goes POP | Solo Exhibition

2019 The Other Portrait | Group Exhibition

The Other Portrait Exhibition | 2-12 August 2019
Proudfoots Loading Dock | Proudfoots Lane Murwillumbah NSW

Seventeen photographers from Byron to Burleigh exhibiting their portrait photography for ten days at 98 Proudfoot Lane Loading Dock from August 2 to 12, exhibition curated by Dev Lengjel and Chelle Wallace.

The Other Portrait Exhibition curated by Dev Lengjel and Chelle Wallace

Artist Statement

Trolley Dolly by Raymond Mather

“Homelessness in Australia has increased 13.7% in 5 years.” 
– ABS Census 2016 

Six Abandoned Dolls from various op-shops, found and created objects.

“The Most important influence of the 6 is its loving and caring nature. Properly nicknamed the motherhood number, it is all about sacrificing, caring, healing, protecting and teaching others. No family or community can function without the power of the 6 to keep them together and safe. She is the glue that keeps a family or community together.” – numerology.com 

“With the stereotype of the older homeless man on the street, it surprises many people to learn that a person experiencing homelessness is, in fact, increasingly likely to be a young woman.”
www.smh.com.au by Indira Naidoo, August 13, 2018

“6 in 10 people accessing homeless services are female”
– Wesley Mission Org

“Frightening figures provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that the rate of homelessness in Australia increased by 8% between 2006 and 2011 and 9% between 2011 and 2016 (with the majority being attributed to younger and older people).” 

Rough sleepers are just 7% of all homelessness nationally.
They are the tip of the iceberg.”
– ABS Census 2016 

Where are people staying?

  • Improvised dwellings, tents or sleeping out 7% (8,200)
  • Supported accommodation for the homeless 18% (21,235)
  • Staying temporarily with other households 15% (17,725)
  • Boarding houses 15% (17,503)
  • Other temporary lodging 1% (678)
  • “Severely” overcrowded dwellings 44% (51,088)

How old are they?

  • Under 12 14% (15,872) +11% since 2011
  • 12-18 10% (10,913) 
  • 19-24 15% (15,325)
  • 25-34 18% (19,312)
  • 35-44 14% (14,484)
  • 45-54 12% (12,507)
  • 55-64 8% (8,649)
  • 65-74 4% (4,174)
  • 75 and over 2% (2,028)

Trolley Dolly Collection | Artwork Details

Six Abandoned Dolls from various op-shops, found and created objects. Photographed at various locations around Murwillumbah 2019.
Technical: Canon 6d, Canon 100mm, ISO 100, f5.6 
Digital print on Hahnemuehle Museum Etching Fine Art Paper 350gsm
Size Framed 20cm x 25cm

2019 New Year : New Work Exhibition | Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery

The South Cellar by Raymond Mather Digital Photo Transfer 50x50cm

New Year : New Work | Media Release

Featuring over 50 local artists, New Year: New Work reveals the vitality and diversity of the Coffs Coast arts community and brings art and business together. Presented by the Friends of Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, each artwork is supported by a local business. The artists have had free rein to create what they want with a square piece of plywood – be inspired by their imagination.

With new works from: 

Leonard Aitken, Jan Allsopp, Nanette Backhouse, Matthew Begg, Stefan Bruggisser, Sara Bowen, Cher Breeze, Danielle Burford, Terri Butterworth, Amber Carbury, Jo Elliott, Ben Fayle, Sheryl Fisher, Rob Garrett, Guy Gilmour, Averil Harris, Ted Hillyer, Adrienne Hmelnitsky, Nicholas Kachel, Jeanette Keough, Michael Langley, Violetta Lanza, Penelope Lawry, Georgie Lucock, Brentyn Lugnan, Josh Mackenzie, Lynne Mak, Gloria Malone, Raymond Mather, John Mawhinney, Tonya McIver, Bim Morton, Laurie Mossuto, Sarah Mufford, Julie Nash, Jenny Parkin, Sandra Pitkin, Will Price, Yvonne Quadros, Isabel Ricketts, Ray Rixon, Bronwyn Rodden, Jeramie Scahill, Tyrone Sheather, Jeremy Sheehan, Alanna Shorter, Jane Sturrock Nash, John Thiering, John Van Der Kolk, Peter Wade, Nick Warfield, Alison Williams, JP Willis, and Christine Wilson.

Proudly sponsored by:

Affirmations Publishing House, Alison Brown, Baringa Private Hospital, Bellbottom, Bryant McKinnon Lawyers, Camp Creative, CEX Coffs, CHCC Library Museum & Gallery Team, Coffs Coast Community College, Coffs Coast Screen Printing, Coffs Harbour Creative Arts Group, Coffs Harbour Surf Club , Coffs Harbour Surgical, Coffs Reiki, Cre@shon Pty Ltd, Denis Atkinson Planning, Dr Jay Ruthnam, Emporium Bellingen, First National Real Estate,  Fishburn Watson O’Brien Solicitors , Fresco Marketplace, Fresh Dental Care, G2 Architects Sawtell, GJ Gardner Builders, Ground Earth Café, Hand and Body Concepts, HQB Accountants/Auditors/Advisors, HQB Financial, Island Art Shop, Kerry Albert & Co,  Locale Consulting, Mike Blewitt Ford, Moonee Tavern, Northside Health, Old John’s Café, Oz Group Coop, Palate & Ply, Park Beach Plaza, Project Sisu, RJK Optometry, Saltwater Freshwater, saso.creative, Screenwave, Shortshank Pty Ltd, Split Café, Tech Edge, The Art Factory, The Majestic Cinema Sawtell, The Travel Centre, Uko Ono, Vivienne Crisell Designs, Wajaana Yaam Gumbaynggirr Adventure Tours.


Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery is open 10am – 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday (excluding public holidays and the week prior to each new exhibition).

2019 Brunswick Street Gallery Small Works Art Prize | Finalist

The Daily Drive Wollumbin Reflection installed
The Daily Drive Wollumbin Reflection by Raymond Mather

Artist Statement

The Daily Drive Wollumbin Reflection

The reflective presence of a regional icon that is Wollumbin aka Mt Warning, NSW during the daily drive to town on a calm misty morning.

Photographic Digital Print

Hahnemuehle Museum Etching

350 gsm · 100% Cotton · natural white

2018 Percival National Photographic Portrait Prize | Finalist

In 2018 I was very excited to have been selected as a Finalist in the Percivals, Townsville QLD

Out of the printer and ready for the framers

Artist Statement

Elena Kats-Chernin 

We know when we are in the presence of mastery in the moment of creative connected channel.

“Elena Kats-Chernin is one of the most cosmopolitan composers working today, having reached millions of listeners worldwide through her prolific catalogue of works for theater, ballet, orchestra, and chamber ensemble. Her dramatically vivid music communicates a mixture of lightheartedness and heavy melancholy, combining strong rhythmic figures with elements of cabaret, tango, ragtime, and klezmer.”
Reprinted by kind permission of Boosey & Hawkes

I had observed this connection in previous performances by Elena and I asked for permission to photographer her in performance at the 2017 EMSLA Still Life Exhibition concert in Wollongong in an attempt to capture that precise moment.

The energy of the performance transforms and permeates all those in it’s presence, manifesting in the experience of bliss.

By Raymond Mather

Size: 960mm wide x 660mm high

Paper: Museum Etching 100% Cotton Natural White 350gsm

2018 City of Onkaparinga SHIMMER Photographic Biennale

This was my first selection to a major event from a submission and proposal, I was very excited to be selected for solo exhibition in this event held in South Australia. Kay Brothers Winery in McLaren Vale was the location for my exhibition. These images are from Coastal Noir Collection, which were selected for solo exhibition at the 2018 City of Onkaparinga SHIMMER Photographic Biennale, South Australia, McLaren Vale at Kay Brothers Winery.

Coastal Noir Collection, first work out of the printer.

2018 SHIMMER | Photography Workshop

As part of the SHIMMER Biennale, I facilitated a photography workshop at Kay Brothers Winery where my exhibition was installed as part of the festival.

2018 Northern Exposure 5 | Glasshouse Regional Gallery
Port Macquarie | Finalist

Coastal Impressions by Raymond Mather

Artist Statement

2018 Lost in the Bush | Solo Exhibition

Lost in the Bush exhibition installed at Old Johns, Coffs Harbour

2018 Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award | Finalist

Lifes a Beach by Raymond Mather

2017 Still Salon | STILL The National Still Life Award

In 2017 I was very excited to have been selected for exhibition in the Still Salon as part of STILL The national Still Life Award.

Cliche Life 001 – Test Tube Babies and Cliche Life 002 – Gumnut Babies at the framers.
Cliche Life 001 – Test Tube Babies by Raymond Mather, was selected for exhibition in Still Salon as part of STILL The National Still Life Award in Coffs Harbour, 2017.